Pastel Pink Round Stud Earrings

Pastel Pink Round Stud Earrings

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Available in 3 sizes




Material: Made from acrylic & hypoallergic stainless steel findings. 

Please be gentle with your acrylic earrings. Acrylic is a durable material but they are still delicate.

Avoid contact with creams, perfumes and sunscreens etc. Some can cause a reaction with the acrylic which can create a discoloration or ruin the acrylic.

We recommend that you remove your acrylic earrings before going into the water. They are not recommended for the shower or for swimming. 

We do not recommend sleeping in your earrings. 

Cleaning instructions
Gently wipe with a microfibre cloth. This will remove most dust marks. You can use water but please don't use any other chemicals. If your earrings are made from a mirror acrylic, please make sure you are using a clean microfibre cloth to wipe.