Medieval Castle

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With its rising and falling Portcullis (main gate), this Medieval Castle will bring joy to any youngster. It comes with a 28-piece Medieval soldier warrior set.

The castle is made from 9, 6 and 3mm MDF. The wood fibre for the MDF is sourced only from renewable pine plantations in Australia. It has extremely low formaldehyde levels (E0). The raw product range is stable and homogenous, with a super fine finish that can be cut, drilled, and routed. It is easily painted by roller, brush, or spray.

There are two options for purchase. One option is – a complete kit set where you assemble the whole castle yourself, or the other is the corner turrets, the central tower and the gatehouse, complete with a locking crank handle to lift and lower the Portcullis assembled for you. These are then easily screwed to the base with pre-located screws and tee nuts. The base has been etched, so there is no mistaking where the parts go. The Portcullis is raised by turning the crank handle and raised by a very light chain.

Both options will need to be sanded when assembled and painted if desired.

The measurements are Base 675mm long x 495 wide (675 to the outside edge of the moat). The highest tower is 305mm (gatehouse).

The materials are made in Australia by Australian companies and cut out and assembled by us.

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