Hi! I'm Kim and I'm the owner of My Lovely Gifts! I'm 33 years old and a single Mum to my 7 year old, Ollie. The business is family run with a lot of assistance from my Dad, Les. 

I started the business in August 2019. I have always had a dream of running my own business. I started My Lovely Gifts because of my love of all things gifts and gift giving. I wanted a creative outlet to make products for my wonderful customers. I wanted to create a gift giving solution for other Mums like myself, to be able to shop and find gift ideas for everyone. 

My Lovely Gifts is run from my home office in Brisbane. I run my business around looking after my son. I will reply to any inquiries as quickly as possible. 

I hope you enjoy looking around! Please feel free to send me a message if you have any requests.