Kids Drawing Ornament

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Give the perfect personalised gift this Christmas with one of your childs drawings engraved on a Christmas Ornament. 

The ornament is 10.8cm in size and is available in plywood and mirror.  

Please upload the photo of your drawing as a jpg. A scanned copy of the drawing will provide better results but a photo is still ok if taken correctly. The drawing will be resized to fit within the ornament. 

To ensure we are able to engrave your Ornament at the best quality, please read below information: 

Drawing Guidelines:
- Line drawing (outline) with a dark marker (black, blue, green or purple have great results). Paintings can still be used but may not have as clear an engraving. No crayons as they will create fuzzy lines. 
- No colouring in or shading on the drawing

If you're unsure if the drawing is suitable for engraving, please send us an email with your drawing attached before ordering.

Photo of Drawing Guidelines:
- Take a clear well lit photo of the drawing (this is best in natural light with minimal shadow). Night time photos are not recommended. 
- Please take a photo only of the drawing and paper. No background, body parts etc. If these appear in the photo, please crop them out before uploading. 
Please see example of incorrect photo in gallery

Text Engraving
Please add the text that you would like engraved, if you don't want any text, please leave text box blank.