Laser Craft Kit - Watermelon

Laser Craft Kit - Watermelon

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Our Laser Craft Kits are so much fun and a great way to let your creativity shine! They are a perfect alternative to the "Paint and Sip". We like to call them a "Craft and Sip" as you're going that one step further than just painting, you're also assembling your craft! It's so much fun and can be done in the comfort of your own home. 

Our kits are perfect even for a beginner! We have instructions to follow as well as an instructional. They are PERFECT for a party and we do offer party packs. They are also perfect for self care. 

In your kit you will receive:

6 high quality 50ml paints
3 Paint Sponges
1 Paint Brush
1 Mixing Plate
2 Mixing Sticks
Colour Mixing Chart
Colour Planner
Artwork sized 275mm x 275mm

You will receive a very generous amount of paint and glue with your kit. Depending on how much you use, I would say there is easily enough for 4-5 artwork designs. We will be offering add on artworks that you can buy with your kit, alternatively, we offer one off artworks that you can buy without the kit. 

Please note - This is a KIT and will not come painted and assembled for you.