Two Dibbles Racing Car by Timeless Play

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Our Two Dibbles Timeless Play racing car is hand made in our workshop. This toy will give your child hours of endless fun and creativity.


 The timber we use is grown in Australia and is classed as softwood, is untreated and finished with a matt finish recommended for children’s toys to prevent dirty marks. The timber we use is certified and sustainable.


22cm (220mm) Long

9.4cm (94mm)  Wide

12cm (120mm) High



The wheels are held on with a 6mm stainless steel threaded axle that can never go rusty creating stains. The wheels are held to the axles using acorn nuts and fixed firmly in place using a form of super glue on the thread only so, your child can never remove the nuts and choke on them.


We call the brave drivers of our cars “Dibbles”. The fearless Dibble’s have the greatest fun as they play at high speeds with your child. Racing from side to side around sharp bends – they may even fall out of the car, which they are made to do. The one thing you can be assured of is the Dibble’s small head is rigidly fixed to its body with adhesive and a 6mm dowel. Your child can have more fun customising their own Dibbles by drawing or painting faces on their Dibbles to create more Timeless Play.