The Curated Parcel - The Pole & Tower Building Blocks - Starter Set

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Your child’s imagination will be endless with our Timeless Play Pole & Tower Building Block medium set. With our building block sets you can add more poles and blocks, available from our website, so your child can keep building.

Our products are made from premium Pine and Tasmanian Oak grown in the forests of Australia and sold by responsible logging companies that select timber that is certified from sustainable forests.

Our products are made from soft wood that is free from knots, shakes and defects and is sanded with a fine abrasive paper. We try our absolute best to make sure your child has fun and good memories with their new toy.

In the Medium set there are 15 blocks with holes and each block is 210 x 42 x 42mm. There are 15 poles that is 210 x 22 x 22mm.

This product, as is all our products, made in our workshop by hand – yes, we do use machinery to make our products, but each toy is lovingly individually made, sanded, and finished by hand. We do not mass produce, but we do try to keep a few items in stock, yet sorrily if we do not have stock there is a two week, less if we can, turnaround. We never buy finished products from another company. We do not buy finished products from overseas and sell them as ours or Australian – in fact, we do not buy products from overseas. We are proud of what we make and intend to keep it that way.

When we designed and made our first set of blocks the adults sat round to see what we could build. To show the children how it was done. It took my 4-year-old grandson to show us how it was really done. If you really want to see the future of the world let your child, their imagination show you how it is done.

Watch out over the next few weeks for the building and balancing block sets we will be releasing to really challenge your children.